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A modern classic
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Model A


A modern classic, and our standard sitar. This all-carbon fiber model features Pegheds locking tuners on the main strings, a classy black finish, and is available in both kharaj pancham and gandhar pancham configurations.

100% Handmade

Harry builds every sitar start to finish with care so your instument is built to last and sounds great.

2 year wait

The current wait time after the deposit is paid is 2 years. There are no ready to order sitars or sitars built on spec.

Worldwide Shipping

The Model A has been designed to be our most affordable sitar and as such, has a limited number of options. But don’t worry; it is made to the same high standards as our custom models, and sounds just as great. We set them up to the most commonly-prefered parameters, and have a half-open jawari. Model As have Pegheds tuners installed on the main strings, and precision-turned Patagonian rosewood pegs for the taraf strings. Two finishes are available: an all-black gloss, or a clear-coated CF top with a textured black satin body, for a comfortable, sleek, and modern look.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense workhorse which can be used in any situation, the Model A has been built for that exact purpose. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a great quality first sitar or a pro wanting something built for a life on the road, the Model A will perform its duties faithfully.

Parameter Option
Orientation Left-handed or Right-handed
String configuration Gandhar pancham or Kharaj pancham
Upper tumba Yes or No
Color Options Gloss black or carbon fiber top/black satin finish body
Dimentions L = 48"/122cm, Tabli = 13.5"/34cm, Neck width = 3.625"/9cm
Pickup N/A

Ordering Process


Talk about your ideas with our sales representative, and receive a quote.


Place a 50% deposit down to secure your place in the build queue.


There is a two-year wait for instruments.


Final design decisions are made, and the instrument is built.


When the instrument is completed remaining payment and shipping will be calculated and invoiced.


Your sitar can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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