Custom Concert

All the bells and whistles

Custom Concert

Starting at $2,998

For those who want a modern concert sitar with a full, resonant sound and no expense spared on each and every detail, look no further. Harry works closely with the customer to create a one of a kind sitar. The sky is the limit, and designs and materials can involve searches all over the globe for just the right inspiration and look. You can go with your own vision or sit back and let Harry guide you into uncharted waters for a masterpiece which will surely get oohs and ahhs no matter where you take it.

100% Handmade

Harry builds every sitar start to finish with care so your instument is built to last and sounds great.

2 year wait

The current wait time after the deposit is paid is 2 years. There are no ready to order sitars or sitars built on spec.

Worldwide Shipping

These sitars feature an all-carbon fiber construction, and have a full and resonant sound. It’s not unheard of to get two, three, or even four taraf strings singing from a single note on the kharaj string. These are very responsive instruments, and in the hands of an experienced player, can yield sweet and subtle shadings of color not possible on a traditional sitar.

Just like the Model A, the customs are a workhorse built to last. They might look wild, posh, conservative, or modern, but under the hood these sitars are tough as nails. Take these masterpieces on the road, and keep your vintage treasures safe at home!

Parameter Option Price
Orientation Left-handed or Right-handed $0.00
String configuration Gandhar pancham or Kharaj pancham $0.00
Upper tumba Y/N $0.00
Main Peg Style "Doorknob" $0.00
Spiral $40.00
Floral $50.00
Custom shape $75.00
Custom material Email for pricing
Inlay Black ABS $0.00
Body finish Black gloss or textured $0.00
Sienna gloss or textured $0.00
Custom color gloss or textured $50
Custom design Email for pricing
Pickups Piezo w/preamp $285
Thinline humbucker $150
Binding Black ABS $0.00
Celluloid (various colors) $30.00
Custom material Email for pricing
Number of frets 20 $0.00
22 $10
24 $20
Jawari surface Ivory substitute $0.00
Black composite $0.00
Inlay Custom inlay design Email for pricing
Custom inlay material Email for pricing
Sound hole Custom design Email for pricing

Ordering Process


Talk about your ideas with our sales representative, and receive a quote.


Place a 50% deposit down to secure your place in the build queue.


There is a two-year wait for instruments.


Final design decisions are made, and the instrument is built.


When the instrument is completed remaining payment and shipping will be calculated and invoiced.


Your sitar can be shipped anywhere in the world.