Archtop Travel

for players on the go

Archtop Travel

Starting at $2,598

For those looking for a smaller sitar which can still work as a main instrument, look no further. Available in an endless variety of custom configurations, this sitar can fit right into any musical scenario you can throw at it. A piezo system with a built-in preamp can be added for live/recording scenarios.

100% Handmade

Harry builds every sitar start to finish with care so your instument is built to last and sounds great.

2 year wait

The current wait time after the deposit is paid is 2 years. There are no ready to order sitars or sitars built on spec.

Worldwide Shipping

The Archtop derives its name from the method of construction of the tabli. Inspired by the construction of archtop jazz guitars and traditional Cremonese violin making techniques, these sitars have tablis carved in a very similar manner, and feature parallel bracing, to both strengthen the thin and resonant top, as well as evenly distribute the sound across the tabli, for a beautiful and responsive sound.

The smaller dimensions and lighter weight of the travel sitars makes for an instrument which is much easier to tote around to gigs and can be held in a larger variety of positions, making it a more comfortable sitar to play for those either not used to or unable to sit in the traditional manner on the floor.

Parameter Option Price
Orientation Left-handed or Right-handed $0.00
String configuration Gandhar pancham or Kharaj pancham $0.00
Upper tumba Y/N $0.00
Tabli wood Sitka spruce $0.00
African mahogany $0.00
Spanish cedar $0.00
Custom Email for price
Neck wood Curly maple $0.00
Spanish cedar $0.00
African Mahogany $0.00
Custom Email for pricing
Wood Finish Clear urethane $0.00
Burst $75
Custom color $50
Body finish Black gloss $0.00
Black textured $0.00
Sienna gloss $0.00
Sienna textured $0.00
Custom color gloss $50
Custom color textured $50
Custom design Email for pricing
Pickup Piezo w/preamp $285
Thinline humbucker $150
Binding Black ABS $0.00
Celluloid (various colors) $30.00
Number of frets 20 $0.00
22 $10
24 $20
Main tuner finish Chrome $0.00
Black $10
Gold $15
Jawari surface Ivory substitute $0.00
Black composite $0.00

Ordering Process


Talk about your ideas with our sales representative, and receive a quote.


Place a 50% deposit down to secure your place in the build queue.


There is a two-year wait for instruments.


Final design decisions are made, and the instrument is built.


When the instrument is completed remaining payment and shipping will be calculated and invoiced.


Your sitar can be shipped anywhere in the world.