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Carbon Sitars was founded in 2013 with one goal in mind: to build a great-sounding and very durable sitar.

Harry Shaffer
Because of the growing demand for sitars, the western market has been flooded with cheap instruments constructed with inferior materials and poor craftsmanship which often arrive in nearly unplayable condition, discouraging most students from ever studying seriously. Carbon Sitars solves this problem, and more.
Our unique all-carbon fiber body eliminates three key weak areas of the sitar: the lower tumba, neck joint, and the neck itself. These joints are prone to cracking and splitting, which can cause major warpage or even make the instrument unplayable. See all the features that set Carbon Sitars apart.
Harry Shaffer Carbon Sitars


Harry Shaffer has been doing lutherie work since 1986, as a child. He first discovered his fascination with the sitar and the music of India in 1993. He began playing in 1995 after acquiring a no-name sitar from India. Because of his frustrating experiences with his first sitar, he put his lutherie skills to work and began ripping sitars apart in order to figure out how to make them work better. He currently studies sitar with Maestro Indrajit Banerjee.

Harry Shaffer
Owner & Luthier
Kiere Shaffer


Harry's #2

Kiere is behind the branding and digital aspects of Carbon Sitars. See some of her other work on her website.

Kiere Shaffer
Design & Development

I am the gatekeeper

Michael helps Harry focus on building sitars. He is the main contact for all sales and support. Contact Michael

Michael Osterman
Sales & Support
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