Hybrid Concert

full-sized sitar with a traditional sound

Hybrid Concert

Starting at $3,498

For players looking for a sturdy full-sized sitar with a traditional sound, a hybrid model is a great choice. Like all of the other models, these benefit from the same one-piece carbon fiber body, but with a wood top. Wood choices determine the sound you are going for, and these models can be customized to look sleek and modern, or finished complete with celluloid inlay, carvings, and earthy browns to look similar to a traditional sitar.

100% Handmade

Harry builds every sitar start to finish with care so your instument is built to last and sounds great.

2 year wait

The current wait time after the deposit is paid is 2 years. There are no ready to order sitars or sitars built on spec.

Worldwide Shipping

These are our most traditional sounding sitars and are the best of both worlds: the sound of wood coupled with the strength and light weight of carbon fiber. This hybrid approach has practically no disadvantages. Because the wood is reinforced by and connected to the body, it does not react to environmental changes as drastically (or disastrously) as an all-wood construction will.

We select the best tone woods money can buy, and all of our woods are certified to come from ethically, legally, and renewable sources. There are a wide variety of woods available; just ask for our recommendations to find the right sound and look for you.

Parameter Option Price
Orientation Left-handed or Right-handed $0.00
String configuration Gandhar pancham or Kharaj pancham $0.00
Upper tumba Y/N $0.00
Main Peg Style "Doorknob" $0.00
Spiral $40.00
Floral $50.00
Custom shape $75.00
Custom material Email for pricing
Tabli wood Sitka spruce $0.00
African mahogany $0.00
Spanish cedar $0.00
Custom Email for price
Neck wood Curly maple $0.00
Spanish cedar $0.00
African Mahogany $0.00
Custom Email for pricing
Wood Finish Clear urethane $0.00
Burst $75
Custom color $50
Body finish Black gloss or textured $0.00
Sienna gloss or textured $0.00
Custom color gloss or textured $50
Custom design Email for pricing
Pickup Piezo w/preamp $285
Thinline humbucker $150
Binding Black ABS $0.00
Celluloid (various colors) $30.00
Custom material Email for pricing
Number of frets 20 $0.00
22 $10
24 $20
Jawari surface Ivory substitute $0.00
Black composite $0.00

Ordering Process


Talk about your ideas with our sales representative, and receive a quote.


Place a 50% deposit down to secure your place in the build queue.


There is a two-year wait for instruments.


Final design decisions are made, and the instrument is built.


When the instrument is completed remaining payment and shipping will be calculated and invoiced.


Your sitar can be shipped anywhere in the world.