Sitars for the 21st Century

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Carbon Sitars are made of all-carbon fiber or hybrid wood/carbon fiber. Our sitars solve many of the design and craftsmanship problems inherent in traditional sitar design and manufacture.
Our sitars have stable and quick tuning capability, correct intonation across all strings, are tough, impervious to the weather, light, louder and more resonant, and come in a variety of attractive modern designs. Custom designs and configurations are also available.


Model A pegs using pegheads
On full-size sitars, the main strings use Pegheds planetary-gear tuners, which quickly and smoothly tune the strings up to pitch. A locking mechanism keeps them there. On travel-sized sitars Gotoh tuners are used, providing the same stability and precision guitar players have enjoyed for years.
Our taraf pegs are turned to tight tolerances on a lathe and fitted into our unique internal rail system, which allows the pegs to turn more smoothly and eliminates the playing-side hole in the neck.
carbon fiber sitar in the elements
Carbon fiber is stronger than steel, and lighter than wood. It also does not respond to changes in humidity and temperature. Take it anywhere.
Our one-piece carbon fiber bodies eliminates all weak joints, and provides a rigid and stable neck which will never shift or warp over time.
carbon sitars bridge set up
Our sitars range from traditional classical sounds, all the way to radical modern tones. Whatever style of music you play, there is a sitar for you.
No matter the tone you are going for, our sitars are louder and more sensitive to the player’s touch, giving you even more control of your playing. Hear sound samples on the media page.
hybrid wood carbon fiber sitar with lion design
With a nod to the past, our sitars have a unique modern flair. From subtle to bold, we work with each customer to design a sitar to suit their style.
Each part of our sitars has been carefully redesigned to be stronger, work better, and minimize the amount of setup and maintenance required by other sitars.

Ordering Process


Talk about your ideas with our sales representative, and receive a quote.


Place a 50% deposit down to secure your place in the build queue.


There is a two-year wait for instruments.


Final design decisions are made, and the instrument is built.


When the instrument is completed remaining payment and shipping will be calculated and invoiced.


Your sitar can be shipped anywhere in the world.


See previous builds for your own insparation for setups and features that suit you.

What do people say?

It arrived - and is stunning! Thank you Harry - for all the hard work that went into such a magnificent instrument. I'm not convinced you make any profit on these, this is clearly worth the price and then some.

Nick L.

What do people say?

...I just thought the sitar would be pretty darn good but this one is really really up there, over the rainbow glistening rain drops on lotus blossoms;-). I feel so lucky to have this instrument. It is one of the jewels of my instrument collection.

John R.

What do people say?

I played my Hiren Roy last night at a gig after it’s been in storage for a year since I got my Carbon Sitar. You know, I heavily prefer my Carbon Sitar over the Hiren Roy in regards to tone, how it works with the live setup/pedals I use, its flexibility and portability; IMO Carbon WINS!!

Ege S.

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