Key Features & Benefits

white and black carbon fiber sitar

Carbon Sitars have many advantages over traditional sitars:

  • It's impervious to weather and temperature. It will not bend, crack, twist, or go out of tune because the humidity changed a tiny bit or you put it in your car to go to a lesson or gig. Travel with it. Check it on a plane. Let the baggage handlers throw it around. It will not be hurt. It will remain in tune.
  • It's lighter. A Carbon sitar is around .5kg or 1 pound lighter than a traditional sitar.
  • Carbon fiber is louder and more resonant than wood.
  • Our one-piece design eliminates all of the weak joints associated with traditional sitars. There is no neck joint. In fact, there are no joints at all. Once the body and top halves have been joined, they form a chemical bond. They are seamless. No hidden cracks or sloppy glue joints, like those found on cheap imports.
  • Our special graphite-based composite nut and string guide is self-lubricating, and super tough.
  • The nut allows for proper intonation across all strings, including the kharaj string. No more bending strings to get the proper pitch.
  • Our bridges are constructed out of the same graphite-based composite material as the nut. The jawari will last a very long time.
  • They are Eco-friendly. As our desire for exotic woods increases, our world's forests are depleted, raising prices and damaging the environment. Suitable wood for sitar making is becoming scarce. Good reclaimed wood is dwindling. Carbon fiber eliminates this problem. We don't need to cut down every last tree in search of the perfect instrument.
  • Our sitars come in a wide variety of designs. We bring the sitar into the 21st century. No need to keep looking backward.
  • It will last a lifetime. Carbon fiber can last thousands of years. No more wearing out your favorite sitar, only to have to go on the hunt for another.
  • Should any problem arise, we will fix or repair any failed part covered in our limited lifetime warranty.