Where have I been?

Hey guys,

So, obviously I have not been posting on here. There’s a good reason; I bought a house! The entire downstairs square footage has now become Carbon Sitars’ workshop. It’s literally four times bigger than where I was working previously. The opportunity presented itself, and so my wife and I took the plunge. While it was an enormous amount of work which set back all of my projects, it has already paid off in the quality, capacity, and efficiency in which I can work. I love it, and am now rushing to get everything back on track.


There have been a few projects completed, one of which I have added to the sitar galleries: a custom electric sitar which features some reclaimed mahogany I stumbled upon a few months ago:



So, I shall promise to commit to updating the feed more often soon, as I have many more things to share with you all. I hope to hear from you soon!